Incident Management

During the process of service delivery, different types of events may occur which affect you. Events may have a positive, negative or neutral influence on you. Some of these events will meet the definition of a ‘participant incident’.

If an incident occurs your health, safety and wellbeing and other involved parties is paramount. An appropriate incident response is critical. This includes:

  • Immediate response
    This involves ensuring the immediate safety, health and wellbeing of participants and other involved parties, obtaining medical attention, notifying the Police and other emergency services as appropriate, preserving evidence, accessing specialist victim and support services as required and contacting the nominated key support person.
  • Ongoing support
    These responses involve supporting participant wellbeing by ensuring a safe and secure environment, whilst also providing and managing any rehabilitation, counselling or other support they may need in the future in response to the incident.

When an incident involves misconduct by a staff member to a child, service providers must consider requirements under the Reportable Conduct Scheme to notify the Commission for Children and Young People.

All actions to manage and respond to an incident will be undertaken in a way that is respectful of the person, culturally appropriate, and empowers individuals to make their own choices and decisions wherever possible.

Actions taken by AA Care and Support Pty Ltd in response to an incident will include the participant, or key support person acting in the participant’s interests, in the following activities:

  • recognising and acknowledging the impact of the incident on the participant
  • assuring the participant that the incident will be taken seriously and dealt with in a fair and equitable manner
  • educating participants about their rights and taking their wishes into consideration
  • keeping the participant informed of the progress, outcome and any follow-up of incidents
  • identifying an advocate or key support person if appropriate, and keeping them informed throughout the process
  • involving the participant in the process of reviewing or investigating the incident, including the opportunity to provide their account of what happened, with communication support if required
  • ensuring the participant has the opportunity to provide feedback on the response to the incident
  • ensuring that personal and sensitive participant information is appropriately managed and secured so as to mitigate the risk of privacy breaches.